The UN Sustainable Development Goals

jeannette meier, Ph.D.
2 min readNov 2, 2020

I was proposed to adhere PiMOV to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations since I was told that we carry out activities that bring great benefits to society. Reality is that we do, but we do not stick to any framework or organisation to do so.

We are an organic movement created by Socially-Conscious Change Makers who connect, experience, practice and collaborate to deepen their uniqueness and strengthen their individual projects.

As a former UN employee and as someone who participated in the inauguration of the Sustainable Development Goals back in 2015 in NY, and my personal experience with these, I am aware of what these mean. Back then, we also implemented this framework for my prior project; We paid a yearly fee to belong to the UN Global Compact network and experienced first-hand how these goals are used by the companies and corporations. We withdraw from this adherence, continuing with our hard work of positive impacting without any relation to anything, just to ourselves and to those who we served.

I am not saying that these global goals shouldn’t be drawn upon. What I am saying is that they should be used as a guide of the areas in which you’d like to positively impact with honesty, humbleness and the respect that humanness requires. Otherwise it turns into a marketing tool or someone else’s framework and purpose, if you blindly stick to them without recognising your own goal/s.

The Positive iMPACT Movement does not stick to any structure or organisation that pushes information from the outside-in. It’s a free entity that must stay the most flexible possible to respect the connection, growth and collaboration of every individual that conforms it. Socially-Conscious Change Makers live from the inside-out, they need the freedom to create with no limitations or any structure defined by anyone or anything else.

We are creating our own structures here in PiMOV. Our skeletons are created in a deep listening process to who we are and to what the world needs from us. Our criteria to measure success is measured by our evolution and impact through collaboration. We are learning together how challenging and fulfilling is living and speaking our truth, on our own terms. We are already exploring our mystery as human beings through The 7 Roots of Potential™, and the responsibility is ours, not anyone else’s.

~ by Inés Díaz Tabera, member

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