Connect through your Heart

Connecting through the heart requires to be open-hearted, this means for you to show yourself as you are, being vulnerable to what happens around you.

Connection between open-hearted beings becomes then a heart to heart connection, this is, a soul to soul connection.

When you get together with others showing up with your naked soul, you discover the magic of what it means to just be. This feeling gets empowered when you feel the connection with the other person/s. When your heart is vibrating and pounding within your chest. When you know that you are creating an amazing energy field between yourselves, no matter if you meet in person or online.

Connecting through the heart is giving and receiving, nurturing each other by the exchange of this pure energy, by standing there naked, with no mask, nothing that covers you up to disguise what your mind thinks has to be protected.

This is what makes the PiMOV community so special! You practice and experience what it is to show yourself as you are!

You show yourself vulnerable because you are safe to show up with no mask whatsoever. You discover the powerful experience that it is to stay naked in front of others who are doing the same. You get empowered just by being yourself and sharing through the heart, deepening your understanding that the mind means it right, but that in today’s society your soul needs to show up naked to become what you are meant to become and create through your individuality in freedom, safety, love, integrity and respect for who you are.

Connect through your heart and experience the power of being soul-naked with others like you! Society needs it, your Self deserves it!

I am daring to become who I am and create what I love — to show you how you can do the same. I am practicing and discovering the power of connecting through the heart day after day.

Give it a try! Society needs more people like you.

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With lots of love, JEM

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Jeannette Meier

Jeannette Meier

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I envision a world without governments, and you? I am daring to be who I am and create what I love — to show you how you can do the same. Society needs you!